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Most of these are photographs I've taken; a few are pictures that others have taken of or for me. These pictures are copyright © 1980-2022 Stephen M. Dunn except as noted below. You may view these pictures for your own personal enjoyment, and you may print one copy of each for your own personal enjoyment. You may not redistribute, edit, or sell these pictures, or use them in any manner other than as permitted above, without prior consent from me.

The foregoing does not apply to the following pictures (all paths are relative to the current directory,; they're copyrighted, but by other people:


Gallery Description
Aircraft Various pictures of aircraft (Updated on 23 September 2022 - added photos from 2022 Canadian International Air Show)
Animals A collection of animal pictures (thumbnails) (Updated on 18 October 2018 - more photos from the Toronto Zoo)
Prince Photos of my cat Prince (Added final photo on 7 April 2015)
England 2014 My Flickr album of photos from my trip to England with the band in 2014 (NEW! on 10 September 2014)
Friends and family Various pictures of me, my family, and my friends (thumbnails) (Updated on 27 December 2012 - added Christmas photo of nephew Christopher)
Renaissance Faire Photos from various Renaissance Faires and Festivals (Updated on 7 July 2010 - added photos from 2010 Casa Loma Renaissance Faire)
Toby Toby, Lord of the Manor (thumbnails) (Updated on 12 January 2010 - added pictures from Christmas 2009)
France 2009 Picture of my trip to France with the band in 2009 (NEW! on 9 July 2009)
Ireland 2007 Pictures of my trip to Ireland with the band in 2007 (NEW! on 4 August 2007)
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous pictures I haven't slotted in anywhere else (thumbnails) (Updated 22 October 2006 - photos from Limehouse)
Europe 2006 Pictures of my trip to Italy and Austria with the band in 2006 (NEW! on 18 August 2006)
Switzerland 2005 Pictures of my trip to Switzerland with the band in 2005 (NEW! on 25 July 2005)
Assorted Thoughts A collection of thoughts, reviews, and opinions on anything to do with photography. (NEW! on 14 April 2005 - comments on Canon's EOS 20D DSLR)
Austria 2004 Pictures of my trip to Austria with the band in 2004; WARNING: some photos may offend some viewers (Updated! on 21 January 2005 - several more pictures)
Halifax 2003 Pictures of my trip to Halifax with the band in 2003 (NEW! on 9 January 2005)
Steve's Photography Tips Here are a few tips, with sample pictures mostly from these galleries.
bowling_ball.jpg A silly picture of me at a bowling alley (one picture)
australia/ A collection of holiday pictures from my holiday in Australia in August 1997 (directory listing)
cleveland/ Two holiday pictures from my holiday in Cleveland in May 1998 (thumbnails)
Northern Ontario A collection of holiday pictures from my holiday in northern Ontario in July 1998 (thumbnails) A page with six pictures of a beautiful cat who used to live with me (all but one picture are, unfortunately, rather low-quality)
Old photos A few photos from my old photo albums, ranging from the early 1980s to 1996 (thumbnails)

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