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Switzerland 2005

In July 2005, the City of Brampton Concert Band went to Interlaken, Switzerland to take part in the Jungfrau Music Festival. It was an amazing trip! Here are some of the photos I took on that trip. For my diary entries from this trip, click here.

View from our plane as we prepare to land in M¨nchen The bus was often full of sleepy people There was a trailer park just across the Swiss border A lovely view of Zürich See The lovely view of Jungfrau mountain from downtown Interlaken
The interior of Victoria Hotel, where we rehearsed Our clinic, conducted by Dr. Timothy Reynish Dr. Reynish had a funny t-shirt A view of the River Aare flowing through Interlaken A view of the River Aare flowing through Interlaken
Horse-drawn carriages waiting for fares at the train station The interior of Buddy's Bar in Interlaken A foggy morning on Pfingstegg, near Grindelwald There were lots of small waterfalls, drips, etc. on the Pfingstegg hiking trail A lovely mountain view
I'm about to ride a toboggan ride on Pfingstegg Another lovely view at Pfingstegg Swiss Chalets look so nice The band plays a concert in front of the sports centre in Grindelwald A view of Interlaken from a nearby hillside
My favourite restaurant chain has a location in Interlaken! One of the band members wanted me to shoot this pose on our boat cruise on Thunersee One of the many nice buildings we saw from our cruise on Thunersee Rathausplatz, Thun, where we played an open-air concert A view of Bern
Bern Cathedral The interior of Bern cathedral The organ in Bern cathedral Stained glass windows in Bern cathedral This statue of a man eating babies in Bern is well known
The Swiss parliament building in Bern A chess match on the sidewalk in Bern A bagpipe busker in Bern There was a steady stream of parasailers landing in Interlaken Another view of Jungfrau mountain
The exterior of Victoria Hotel, Interlaken Somehow, this building doesn't fit in A park in Interlaken Casino Kursaal, where we competed and where most gala concerts were held A floral clock at the casino
This cow was embedded in the wall of our hotel The band on stage at the competition in Casino Kursaal, Interlaken After the competition, we posed for photos in front of the casino The view from my hotel room Our plane, waiting at München Airport to take us home
A computer-stitched panorama of Bern Cathedral Large panoramic view of Zürich See; turn off image resizing to view this

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