Steve's Birthday and Christmas list!

So ... here you are. You've travelled a long, long way to get here, and you're hoping for something cool, eh? Ha! I fooled you!

Warning: This page is not suitable for minors or diminished sevenths. It's probably OK for the augmented among you. (That was a musician joke ... if you don't get it, take music lessons.)

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Who the heck is this guy anyway?

Lemme peek at his birthday/Christmas lists! Last update: 30 November 2022 Biographical Information Last update: 28 April 2021
Where did he go on holiday? 10 September 2014: added my trip to England in June-July 2014 Don't click this!
Who's he going to marry? Future Wife Kari added 25 January 2009 What does he think happened this year? Gone stale
Who is he related to? What happens to his friends? Final update: 8 March 1998
Are you my dream girl? What does he do for a living?

What does he do?

Writes music Last update: 19 November 2022 - Added a brand new original song Plays music Last update: 9 November 2022 - added a cover of Loverboy
Takes pictures Updated on 23 September 2022 - added photos from the air show Surfs the Web Updated 1 October 2004

I want some dirt!

Well, I suppose you could always check my mutual funds and see how they're doing. Come back once in a while to see if I'm getting rich (ha).

Is that IT?

Almost, but before I go, here are some informative links.

Steve Dunn's Facebook profile

Stephen M. Dunn

No vegetarians were harmed in the preparation of this page. But since I don't have an Ergonomically Correct Keyboard, I could probably sue you for looking at it and justifying my abuse of my carpal tunnels.

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