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France 2009

In June-July 2009, the City of Brampton Concert Band participated in the Festival des Anches d'Azur in La Croix-Valmer, France. Here are some of the photos I took on that trip. For my diary entries, click here.

View from the lookout point above our hotel Lisa enjoys a glass of wine Omar and I had the same hat The odd Bureau du Port building in St-Tropez They had some weird cards in the port of St-Tropez
A double-hulled yacht in St-Tropez The harbour at St-Tropez A memorial to those who liberated France at the port of St-Tropez Rocky shoreline at St-Tropez You can take the boy out of Canada, but you can't take Canada out of the boy
Sights of St-Tropez Cannons at the Citadelle in St-Tropez A view of St-Tropez from the Citadelle The entrance to the Citadelle's keep in St-Tropez The exit from the Citadelle's keep in St-Tropez
A streetscape in St-Tropez The band at its sound check for our gala concert Band members relaxing with a beer after a boat cruise The cathedral in Monaco The Casino in Monte Carlo
Lisa poses with the Monaco aquarium's yellow submarine The interior of Monaco's cathedral The palace in Monaco I have a really big cannon Lisa in Monaco, with Italy somewhere off in the mist
The harbour at Monte Carlo Band members re-enact Abbey Road in Eze Ruins of the hilltop castle in Eze A view of the church in Eze Lisa fakes a smile while feeling seasick on a cruise
A rock near Cassis serves as a beach Our boat cruise exits a calanque near Cassis Our boat cruise exits a calanque near Cassis Three beautiful band members on the Cassis boat cruise A collection of small sailboats near Cassis
Cassis with a mansion overlooking it from a nearby hilltop The harbour at Cassis The obligatory picture of band members sleeping on the bus Lindsey demonstrates how large the aloe-like plants are A vineyard in La Croix-Valmer
Lisa tries to get wine from a vat on display at a winery in La Croix-Valmer Wine glasses await our tasting party at a winery in La Croix-Valmer I try to drink straight from the vat at a winery in La Croix-Valmer Many band members pose for a group photo at our hotel The fountain at La Rotonde in Aix-en-provence
The clock tower at city hall in Aix-en-provence The courtyard at city hall in Aix-en-provence A fountain in Aix-en-provence Gate in an old stone wall in Beaumes-de-Venise Wine barrels aging at a winery in Beaumes-de-Venise
A statue of hands and grapes outside a winery in Beaumes-de-Venise Band members at the last night's dinner in Beaumes-de-Venise Some of the empties from my next-door neighbours Panoramic view from the Cassis cruise - turn off image resizing to see it in full

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