This adorable little furry creature is called Sparky. He's not actually my cat; I said I'd take care of him while his mommy went backpacking around Australia, and now he's moved back in with her. Isn't he cute? There's actually not much to him; he's mostly fur. If you shaved all the fur off, there'd hardly be any cat left.

There are six pictures on this page, and they may take a while to load. Please be patient! The view of this little furry guy is well worth the wait. These pictures are copyright © 1997-1998 by Stephen M. Dunn.

I'm not a lap cat, but I sure like lying on Steve's jeans
String is a natural enemy of cats.
How dare you disturb me when I'm playing 
with my toy?
I'm waiting for my mommy to come home. 
Just don't ask why I'm looking out onto the balcony.
What are YOU looking at?
Isn't it nice of Steve to leave these 
cords hanging around for me to play with?