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Christopher with model train, Christmas 2012 J.R. in Place Jacques-Cartier in Montreal J.R. and his mom's dog Sissi J.R. with a beer in his kitchen Mike playing drum at New Year's Eve 2010
Musicians at New Year's Eve 2010 Julie singing at New Year's Eve 2009 Christopher strikes a pose at his 5th birthday party My nephew Christopher sits on his mom Julie's lap My nephew Christopher blows out candles on his 5th birthday cake
Mom with her two grandsons (my nephews) J.R. in his dining room in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC My girlfriend Dee at the Toronto Zoo My girlfriend Dee Dee playing guitar at her cottage
Dee playing guitar at her cottage Dee playing guitar at her cottage My sister-in-law Julie holding her son Christopher Judy talking to her grandson (my nephew) Matthew My nephew Matthew with his 6th birthday cake
My nephew Matthew blowing out the candles on his 6th birthday cake My brother's brother-in-law Jeff with his wife Veronica and their daughter Ryenne My nephew Matthew. My nephew Christopher. Mom and my nephew Christopher.
Mom and my nephew Matthew. My girlfriend Dee with three of her cousins. My girlfriend Dee with a drink at her birthday party. My brother, a volunteer conductor for the South Simcoe Railway. Christine hosted a pre-Christmas party.
My sister-in-law Julie and her mother, Judy, at Christine's party. Julie and her son (my nephew) Matthew.  Matthew, as usual, was the center of attention. I visited my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew on Christmas Day.  Matthew was catching up on his sleep. Matthew, who usually dresses less outlandishly, sits on his friend Jenn's lap. Matthew enjoyed playing with his aunt Joanne on New Year's Day.
Heidi, her best friend Jen, and Jen's boyfriend (now husband) Bob. Christine (dressed up as 'All Spice') and J.R. Ross and Pat have a habit of cross-dressing for Hallowe'en parties.  This year, they were Monica Screwinsky and Bill Cliton. My brother Andy (the Grim Reaper) and me (cheerleader from Hooterville High). Heidi, doing her angelic best to keep from freezing to death on my balcony as I took the picture.
Heidi hosted a murder mystery party and played Karyn Roberts, a movie star. J.R. was a professional wrestler. Jen was Emma Jean the bag lady. The whole gang.


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