This page is in loving memory of Toby (3 May 1998-25 June 2010). He was a stray cat who found my friend Heidi's porch. Toby managed to catch Heidi's attention, and so she took him in and decided to find him a home. Heidi knew I was looking for a cat, so she offered him to me, and the rest is history! Since he's a stray, his exact birthday is unknown. The vet put May 3, 1998 on his paperwork, so that's his official birthday.

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Toby rolling on the floor at Christmas 2009 Toby stalking his present at Christmas 2009 Toby plays with his new toy at Christmas 2009 Toby lying on my girlfriend Toby poses for a portrait
A present about to be opened A new kitty toy A majestic pose My favourite picture of Toby I have no idea what he was staring at, but it's a typical pose for him.
One of the rare times when Toby has held a cute pose for a photo - usually he moves before you can take his picture. Toby likes having his picture taken in profile. This is a lovely pose, and I didn't have to coax him into it! Once in a while, he puts on this stern expression, just to make sure I know who's in charge. This is Toby lying on my bed.
A portrait of my furry friend, lit by natural light from the side. Lying around the house is one of Toby's favourite pastimes. Toby loves sunbeams! His favourite toy:   a furry mouse that hangs on an elastic from the doorframe.  He's already torn the tail off it once. Did I mention that Toby really likes sunbeams?

Toby recommends visiting the many fine furry members of the DuBois family. Bari DuBois kindly provided the following painting of Toby:

Toby also likes the following Web Ring because it's chock full of other kitties -- of course, none of them are quite as wonderful as he is.

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