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Matschie's Tree Kangaroo Frill necked lizard Emerald tree boa Bactrian camel Snow leopards
Snow leopard Snow leopard Chamois Snowy owl Arctic wolf
Arctic wolves Great horned owl Blanding's turtle Spectacled owl Ankole-Watusi
Cougar Grizzly bear Canada lynx Hippopotamus Asian brown tortoise
Bornean orangutans Clouded leopard Clouded leopard Giant Panda (Da Mao) Giant Panda (Da Mao)
Bactrian camels Steller's Sea Eagle Snow leopard cub Snow leopard cub Snow leopard
West Caucasian Tur Polar bears Great Horned Owl Macaws Macaw
Penguins (and other animals) Cougar in a cave Clouded leopard cub Clouded leopard cub Clouded leopard cub
Sumatran tiger Warthog Hippopotamus Rhinoceros Rhinoceros
White lioness Pygmy hippopotamus Golden lion tamarin Giant panda Giant panda
Giant panda A snow leopard on a rock A snow leopard doing what cats do best A snow leopard stalking A Victoria crowned pigeon on the floor
A Komodo dragon demonstrating its camouflage A Scarlet ibis A jaguar enjoying a treat A Grevy's zebra A Sumatran tiger resting in the grass
A Dhole Snow leopard kittens play-fighting Snow leopard kittens play-fighting Snow leopard mother with her two kittens Snow leopard mother with her two kittens
Snow leopard on a rock Snow leopard on a rock A Mouflon on a rock Snowy owl Some of the inhabitants of the flamingo exhibit
A scarlet macaw A beaver walking out of the water Cougar Barbary Ape sitting Siberian tiger waving its paw in the air
Siberian tiger nursing one of her kittens Kookaburra on a tree branch Grizzly bear lying in the grass Bald eagle The world's fastest land animal, motionless
A hippopotamus in the water A hippopotamus partially submerged African elephant with ears flared Reticulated python Sumatran tiger yawning
A young Sumatran tiger doing what cats do best A Sumatran tiger on the prowl A snow leopard Two snow leopard kittens with some raw meat A snow leopard kitten snuggling with its mother
Two snow leopard kittens play-fighting A snow leopard with her two kittens A snow leopard kitten perched on rocks Przewalski's horse Let sleeping dholes lie
Japanese Macaque My snow leopard (I adopted it) seems a bit shy Emerald tree boa - what all the fashionable trees are wearing this season Turtle Jaguar
Two jaguars A jaguar doing one of the things cats do best Two jaguars Clouded leopards Bald eagle
Arctic wolf Lynx Caracal lynx A lion getting his butt sniffed Lioness
Lioness A lioness doing one of the things cats do best This is actually part of a yawn but it looks sinister Lioness A cheetah hiding in the grass
A cheetah hiding in the grass The cheetah spots a nice light snack A ground hornbill A meerkat Tigger?
A tiger in motion. Two jaguars; one is melanistic (black) A jaguar, observing the world from a nice comfortable position. The same jaguar on the prowl.  This would be a lovely picture except for one of the cage bars making a line across the cat's face. I had to wait a little while before the jaguar looked at me.
The jaguar likes to prowl around in the cage. Simba the Lion Cub looks like he's in a pet store, just waiting for someone to take him home! Cats look so cute when they're sprawled out like this! Click here for a 768x512 version, or click on the next picture for a 1536x1024 version (approx. 220 kB) Click here for a 1536x1024 version (approx. 220 kB), or click on the previous picture for a 768x512 version
This white lioness is Simba's mother. It's a bit difficult to take pictures of the clouded leopards at the Toronto Zoo - they're in a darkened area, behind glass.  This shot turned out fairly well, except for the glow in the cat's eyes. The snow leopard is my favourite of the big cats.  This is a really cute pose; unfortunately, the cage ruins the picture. Again, the cage gets in the way of a beautiful pose. A snow leopard, catching a few rays on a nice autumn day.
Just like little cats, cougars apparently like to lie around. And it looks like they want their tummies rubbed, too! These animals make good hedge trimmers. It was a rather warm day, and this polar bear had the right idea. This ball of fur was perched in a tree in the raccoon enclosure.


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