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These pictures are copyright © 1998-2006 Stephen M. Dunn. You may view these pictures for your own personal enjoyment, and you may print one copy of each for your own personal enjoyment. You may not redistribute, edit, or sell these pictures, or use them in any manner other than as permitted above, without prior consent from me.

The ruins of a lime kiln in Limehouse, Ontario My friend Betty walking her dog at Limehouse, Ontario Ruins of a mill at Limehouse, Ontario The mill pond at Limehouse, Ontario Autumn in the woods
Autumn in the woods Autumn in the woods A tree growing on the edge of a cliff Casa Loma Casa Loma
Lake Seymour Lake Seymour Kids having fun with a tire swing by Lake Seymour Sunset on Lake Seymour A bridge in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Another bridge in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Fall colours as seen from my balcony. One of two pictures I took from behind a waterfall at the Toronto Zoo.  Compare this one, at a slow shutter speed, to the following one. This is essentially the same picture as the last, but using a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the water.


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