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Austria 2004

In July 2004, the City of Brampton Concert Band went to Schladming, Austria to take part in the Mid Europe Band Festival. It was an amazing trip! Here are some of the photos I took on that trip. For my diary entries from this trip, click here.

One of the beautiful mountains in the area A carved tree on a hiking trail Onkel Willi's Hütte was on top of a local ski hill Hopsi the bunny appears to be some kind of mascot There is a Catholic cathedral in the town
The cathedral and an old stone wall There is a village called Fucking.  This is the sign when you leave the village. Here I am with the Fucking sign Sorry, couldn't do what the sign said A statue in Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg
Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg Mirabell Gardens with a castle in the background This statue is part of the music festival each year Rathaus (town council hall) in Schladming Neither loos nor schmuck mean the same in German
The beer hut in Hauptplatz (downtown), where some concerts were held This is an ad for the sauna in the hotel's rec centre 80% of our french horn section Heidi (flute) and Lindsey (oboe) in the hotel bar Katie (clarinet) in the bar; the band spent a LOT of time and money there
Armin (bartender) is an extremely lucky guy On our last night, Armin reads a poem he wrote for us

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