Serious Songs
When I Needed You September 1995March 2003 This was written a couple of weeks after I broke up with a long-time girlfriend. It's about having a friend you can lean on when you're not feeling so strong. This is the first song I've written since high school. I don't recall what prompted me to sit down and write a song about it.
Christmas Eve With You December 1995March 2003 This was a Christmas gift to a friend. It's a whimsical little song, and awfully short, too - under two minutes. This song is the result of my lack of ability in the kitchen. I received a Christmas list, and one of the suggestions on it was a batch of cookies baked by moi. Well, I figured writing a song was a much less hazardous form of creative expression, so I did that instead.
Going Through The Motions June 2009May 2020 Two things:
  1. Yes, I know even the two bands referenced in this song don't sound like this any more (not that I'm that good an imitator of them anyway).
  2. Unlike the above songs, the link goes directly to the MP3; there is no page of lyrics.
The Kella Song May 2020 Kella, the weekend morning DJ on Q107, said she would like it if someone wrote a song for her. So I wrote a song for her, and included references to a few Q107 artists.
Leopard March-May 2021May 2021 This is the first original song I've ever written that's a guitar song.
The Past Returns February-March 2022March 2022 Putin's invasion of Ukraine brought back memories of growing up during the Cold War, so I wrote a song about it.
Careful What You Wish For May 2022 On Victoria Day weekend in 2020, during the pandemic lockdown, I started what turned into a pandemic project by re-recording an original song. For Victoria Day 2021, I wrote a new song. So for Victoria Day 2022, I wrote another new song.
Raisin Bran March 2007 This is a parody of a Raisin Bran commercial from my childhood which returned a few months ago. It's still about a lumberjack, but not the same lumberjack, and he has a different reason for coming down from his tree. Warning: contains coarse language and adult situations.
Ballad of Rick Tocchet June 2007 This song tells the sad tale of Rick Tocchet and his brush with the law, based on The Monks' song Drugs In My Pocket. Warning: contains coarse language.
Jello 1985June 2020 Weird Al writes many parodies about food. Well, I did one, too. This is my parody of Lionel Richie's "Hello" which I wrote in high school and originally performed at my school's talent night.
All I Want For Christmas December 2020 I took the well-known novelty song All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth and gave it a 2020 update.
Bathroom On The Right December 2020 I took a well-known misheard line from Creedence Clearwater Revival's song Bad Moon Rising and wrote the rest of the lyrics to go with it.
Vaxxy June 2021 I took Pharrell Williams' big hit, Happy, and wrote new lyrics about how happy I am to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

That's it for now. There are a whole pile of songs I wrote while I was in high school, and maybe I'll put some of them up eventually. And any songs I write in the future will probably also show up here. Check back once in a while!