City of Brampton Concert Band

I'm a member of the City of Brampton Concert Band. I play clarinet.

What's a concert band? Remember your high school band? Well, people who've grown up and want to keep playing music join community concert bands. Typical community concert bands have a wide variety of members, from high school students through retirees and everything in between. They may be professional musicians, doctors, dentists, computer consultants, housewives/househusbands, shoe salesmen, shipping clerks, or whatever.

Bands usually play lots of different styles of music, from classical to contemporary to jazz. They tend to play concerts in and around their areas, so chances are pretty good that there's one somewhere near you which would love to see you come out to a concert.

Other instruments

I've played lots of other instruments, with various levels of skill, over the years. There are some recordings I've done of original songs and parodies here.


Here are some covers I've recorded. My pandemic project has been recording a song every weekend, and almost all of them have been covers, so there's usually a new song here by the end of each weekend.