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Raise a toast to good cheer
To a friend near and dear
It's that time of the year
When all cares disappear

In the hearth there's a fire
Watch the flames rising higher
There's a warmth in the air
Everywhere, everywhere

At midnight we go on a sleigh ride
As Santa sets out on his way
We glide through the fields in the moonlight
At the end of a wonderful day

Finest crystal and scotch
As the snowflakes we watch
On my shouder, your hair
Cascades everywhere

At this time of the year
As the New Year draws near
We look back on it all
Spring, summer and fall

We dance by the fire's light together
The champagne has gone to our head
These moments we'll cherish forever
As the time comes to head off to bed

You sigh with delight
As I turn out the light
And I kiss you goodnight
While you hold me so tight

So peaceful you seem
As you lie there and dream
Merry Christmas to you
You made my dreams come true

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Copyright © 1995, Stephen M. Dunn. All rights reserved.